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Advanced Microsoft Excel Training – Online & In-Class Courses

In the modern working environment, Microsoft Excel is the most important computer software that is used in the workplace. From a worker’s point of view, the use of Excel is essential for daily work, especially for accountants and finance workers. The use of MS Excel has penetrated its roots in almost every field of today’s world. No matter if you are a Business Man, an Employee in a firm, an Engineer or a Teacher, MS Excel can help you do your job with a greater level of management. BITECH Solutions provides Advanced Excel Training Courses that take you to a whole new world of possibilities in Computerized Spreadsheets.

What is Excel?

Excel is a computerized spreadsheet program. These programs are based on paper spreadsheets which were used for accounting purposes. So, Excel has the same layout as the paper spreadsheets but provides more advanced and enhanced functions allowing the users to create interactive spreadsheets that respond to a variety of external commands. You can also write different codes which when combine with excel, open up a whole new world of possibilities. MS Excel can hence be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.

Advanced Excel Training for ACCA, ICAEW, CA, B.COM, M.Com, ICMA, CIMA Students and Professionals

MS Excel is one of the most important computer application used in the Workplace today. This is why every Worker or Potential Employee is required to have a grip on Excel to either get the job or stay in the job. MS Excel is widely in use in Home to improve personal life, in Business Companies, in Classrooms to have a better Teaching-Learning Experience and in many other professional fields. Here, at BITECH Solutions, we provide you with a course after which you’ll end up having a vast knowledge about all the possibilities and a good grip which will help you gain a good position in your career.

Demand of Excel in Pakistan & Dubai Job Market

Excel is used widely in any activity related to finance and accounting. If you walk through a corridor of finance or accounting department at any major corporate office, you will see computer screens filled with spreadsheets that contain financial results, forecasts, reports, sales, budgets and different plans that are used to make big business decisions.

Excel allows the users to create new spreadsheets and define custom formulas to calculate anything from a simple calculation to a full fledged annual report. It is also extensively used in organization and tracking of common information such as a list of sales leads, project status reports, contact lists and invoicing. When you use spreadsheets to list customers and sales targets, you do not need to have a complete finance team to do the heavy lifting for financial analysis. So, spreadsheets can help you manage your sales force and plan future marketing based on past results.

Also, Excel is a very useful tool for scientific and statistical analysis with large data sets. Statistical formulas and Graphing features in Excel can help you in many ways by leading to a new path of possibilities. Hence, all parts of business can benefit from a strong excel knowledge, and marketing functions are not exempt.

Advanced Excel Training in Lahore

Microsoft Excel is a core skill that every financial professional should have. BITECH Solutions provides courses in financial and business modeling that focus on interactive and computer-based exercises which help in thorough learning. We enlighten you with a complete understanding of a wide range of MS Excel methods and techniques. To get better management budgeting and reporting skills, we provide you with a guide of all the possible tricks that you can do with Excel spreadsheets. Hundreds of formulas and functions, dozens of data analysis and reporting tools and thousands of little tips and tricks, everything taught here keeping all your needs of professional spreadsheet analysis in mind.

This course will help you master all the essential features and functions of Microsoft Excel. After completion of this course, participants are able to use the full features of Microsoft Excel with complete efficiency from basics all the way to the advanced levels thus making them a valuable resource for their companies.

Advance Excel Training Program

Module 1: Getting Started with Spreadsheets
•Workings and navigations
•Selection, Drag and Move
•Paste Special and Transpose
•Cell References and Ranges
•Formatting and Sorting
•Fill Sequence Lists
•Row and Column Operations
•Arithmetic Operations
•Subtotals, Grand total, Grouping
•Mod, Int, Ceiling
•Filters and Basic Conditional Formatting
•Counting and Conditional Counting
•Relative and Absolute Cell References
•Named Ranges and Name Manager

Module 2: Conditional & Logical Operations
•If, Nested If,
•Sumif, Sumifs,
•And, Or, Not
•IsBlank, Iferror
•Cell Linking
•Advance Conditional Formatting
•Working between spreadsheets
•Data Validations
•Custom Data Validations

Module 3: Time, Date & Text Functions
•Today, Now, Hour, Minute, Month, Year
•Day, Len, Right, Left, Substitute,
•Upper, Lower, Proper, Concatenate
•EOMonth, Datedif, WorkingDays, Text, &

Module 4: Data Visualization
•    Data Handling & Building Charts
•    Column & Bar Charts
•    Line Charts & Pie Charts
•    Area Charts & Doughnut Charts
•    Chart Formatting, design & layouts

Module 5: Data Lookup Functions
•    Index & Match
•    Vlookup & Hlookup
•    Lookup Vector
•    Exact Match & Approximate Match

Module 6: Dashboards & Business Intelligence
•    Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
•    Slicers & Time Series
•    Calculated Fields & Group Selection
•    Pivot Refresh & Getpivot
•    Sparkline Chart
•    Macros, Command Buttons, Scroll Bar, List Boxes
•    Advance Filters, Dsum, Dcount

Module 7: Forecasting & Budgeting
•    What-if Analysis
•    Goal Seek
•    Data Tables
•    Scenario Manager
•    Scenario Summary
•    Forecast Function
•    Breakeven Analysis