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Pakistan Taxation

Certificate in Taxation Laws

Two months Practical Training Course

3 days a week Two hours a day

What does BITECH aims at?

To provide in-depth knowledge of updated Income Tax & Sales Tax Laws

To provide requisite knowledge of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 for handling day to day matters of a company

To enlighten all major aspects of respective tax statutes and develop skills for making strategic tax planning

To deliver comprehensive knowledge of the statutes through hands-on training, practical examples and case studies

To develop reasonable practical skills for maintenance of records in accordance with the provisions of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise and Corporate Laws,

To give confidence in handling day to day matters involved in Taxation like; manual and electronic preparation and submission of returns/statements, calculation of taxable figure in complicated cases, handling with notices, audit, assessment, and appeals.

To enable the participants to handle day to day tax matters of their own business, employer, clients etc. in a professional way.


  • Basic concept & mechanism in Pakistan
  • Constitutional validity
  • Understanding of important terms

Scope Of Tax (goods)?

  • Retail price item
  • Scope of Extra & further Tax
  • Zero rations
  • Time, Manner and Mode of Payment


  • Registration
  • Deregistration Suspension
  • Understanding of sale tax records
  • Specimens of sales tax invoices /Purchase/ Sale stock/ register/ debit/ credit notes and other record including
  • Preparation by using MS Excel Preparation of return
  • E filling procedure Determination of sales tax liability
  • Distributor, Whole seller, Retailer, Manufacturer, Exporter Commercial importer and service provider
  • Calculation and online feeding (preparation of sales tax return) for all above categories


Introduction to income tax law

Constitutional right of taxpayer

Computation of taxable income under the head

  • Salary
  • Business
  • Property
  • Capital gain, and
  • Other sources
  • Presumptive tax regime Understanding of other important provision of the lawØ including but not limited to  Advance tax u/s 147Ø
  • Unexplained investment u/s 111Ø
  • Withholding tax mattersØ
  • Section wise understandingØ
  • RightØ & duties of

withholding agent  Withholding Tax in the eyes of superior courts

  • Income Tax return

Introduction and understanding of Income Tax return

Introduction and understanding  about withholding statements

PreparationØ &submission of income tax return

PreparationØ & submission of withholding statements

  • Handling departmental noticesØ

Techniques to handle departmental audit (withholdingØ &other)  AssessmentØ

  • Original assessment u/s 120
  • Best judgment assessment u/s 121
  • Amendment of assessment u/s 122
  • Provincial assessment u/s 122c
  • Practical procedure involves in claiming refundsØ
  • Transaction between associationsØ
  • Basic understanding of deferred taxationØ
  • Appeal procedureØ

Default surcharge penaltiesØ & prosecution  Ways to tax planØ

& Tax saving opportunity

All above with practical examplesØ & case studies and superior courts judgment

Corporate Laws & Other

  1. Registration of a company (manual & e filling)
  2. Maintenance of record
  3. Preparation & submission of document
  4. Handling with other day to day matter Other
  5. Preparation of a partnership deed
  6. Registration & De registration of a partnership
  7. Trade mark and copy right of registration 8. Registration with chamber of commerce



  • Understanding about 7(a), 7(b) and 7(c) relating to sales tax return
  • Manual feeding and uploading of excel file
  • Procedure of submission and re-submission of invoices and annex-C
  • Amendment, deletion or adding data before and after submission of annex‐C
  • Changes, amendment, deletion or addition of data of input tax, withholding tax and debit‐credit notes by buyer
  • Concept of previously un‐claimed input tax, withholding tax and debit‐credit notes under new Sales Tax Return
  • Concept of input and output tax and issues relevant to non-adjustment
  • Concept of withholding, debit and credit notes, provisional adjustment
  • How to get benefit of adjustment and reduction of tax
  • How to avoid discrepancy notices
  • Impact of extra tax, further tax, exempt, zero-rated and reduce rate sales & purchases and responsibilities of supplier and buyer

Course Duration: 2 Months

Class Timing: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Course Fee: Rs 15,000/-